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Mission / Vision

Rahima Foundation is a local 501 C(3) Charitable and Educational Foundation, Tax ID No. 77- 0442850

Our vision is to establish an institution of charity to serve the financial, educational, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the communities, Insha Allah (God willing).

Our mission is to serve our Lord by serving His creation.

To carry out this mission in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are currently providing the following:: 

  • Monthly Food Distribution (basic non-perishable foods such as rice, flour, oil, pasta, sauce, beans, cereal, sugar etc. and perishable items such as eggs, fruits vegetable etc.)
  • Zakat and Fitra Distribution
  • Meat Distribution (from Eid-ul-Adha / Festival of the Sacrifice & other occasions)
  • Scholarship & Tuition Assistance – We give scholarships to qualifying graduating high school students, and tuition assistance to selected students.
  • Referrals for family counseling & employment.
  • Human Dignity Day (For Homeless)
  • Used cars to those in need based upon availability


Our intentions for future services, God Willing are:

  • Opening a free clinic for the uninsured and the unemployed.
  • Develop Rahima as a national disaster relief organization.
  • Use the new website capabilities to track and manage volunteer hours in the communities
  • Organize educational workshops, talks, courses, etc. for a variety of topics of interest
  • Develop volunteer services for the elderly.
  • Establish a home for the destitute and abused, providing shelter and meals (Dar-ul-Ajiza).
  • Furnishing further referrals for medical, legal, counseling, foster care / adoption services etc.
  • Other charitable and educational projects consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization, as the need arises


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