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Philosophy of Operation

Rahima Foundation, as an organization operates on some foundational principles that were introduced by its founder Habibe Husain. Some of them are listed below.

  • Know & believe that Allah is in-charge:
    Make intentions and leave the rest to Him. Allow Him to operate through you. Obey Him because He is our Gracious Master and we are His grateful servants
  • Start small & build upon it: 
    The strongest house is where the foundation is placed one layer at a time allowing for the first to solidify before the second is laid on. This has always been the way Rahima has operated. Although it makes for a slow process, nonetheless the product is sounder.
  • Put yourself in others' shoes: 
    The only way to know someone else's pain is to either have had a similar experience first hand or have an open heart to put oneself in their shoes so one can empathize with their situation. It is only then that one can be of true service to others.
  • Treat people as individuals: 
    It is not our aim to raise all the poor & needy to some artificial level of equality, but instead to make people's lives comfortable given their circumstances. It is our aim to treat everyone with his or her God given dignity.
  • Charity begins at home: 
    Need is everywhere in the world and it is relative. So a single mother of 3 living in the SJ-Oakland-SF Area, who has no job, no food in her refrigerator, no money in her bank account and an eviction notice on her head is very much a needy person. Hence each community's needy should be taken care of by its local people.
  • Accountability of public money is very severe: 
    On the Day of Judgment people who are entrusted with public money will be severely questioned about how they spent this trust.
  • Consistent contributions with the correct intention, no matter how small, have tremendous barakah (blessings): 
    By Allah's grace Rahima Foundation has come this far without fundraisers. We are grateful to Allah and to the community's generous donations that we have been able to be of service to the needy. We believe in the power of pennies, nickels & dimes that if given from the heart everyday with the intention of helping the poor and collected in a little sadaqa (charity) box can be a great source of barakah. This small amount given everyday also wards off calamities for the giver and her or his family.
  • Working under secular & Divine Law: 
    At Rahima we are very sensitive to the laws of the land that we live in. We realize that for long-term viability, we must strictly adhere to all rules and regulations imposed upon us by the state & federal governments. If you'd like to gain more information about the workings about our organizations, feel free to contact any of the board members or advisory board members.
  • The power of sincere initiative: 
    We believe in the power of sincere initiative and that when 3-5 sincere hearts unite on the same purpose, tremendous change for the good can be brought about from West to East.


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