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Myths vs Facts



There are no poor Muslims in silicon valley as affluent as the SJ-Oakland-SF Area, California.

Rahima Foundation receives requests for financial assistance from about 60-70 families from in and around the Bay Area per month to supplement their various expenses such as rent, utilities, medical bills, transportation etc.

All poor families are on some type of government assistance and that is enough for them.

Average Welfare cash aid for a family of 4 is ~$650 per month. Average Supplemental Security Income (SSI Benefit) per elderly / disabled person is ~$700 per month. Average rent per month in the SJ-Oakland-SF Bay Area is ~$1000. Therefore government assistance does not even fully cover rent expenses.

There are no homeless people in the SJ-Oakland-SF Area.

The Bay Area's climate attracts homeless people from around the country. One need only go to the downtown areas of some of its big cities to witness the horror of homelessness. Homeless shelters are almost always full to their capacity. Due to its very limited resources, Rahima Foundation is only able to address this serious issue in a very small way by providing some personal spending money for such people.

Poor people are poor because they are lazy and don't want to work.

Close to 1/3rd of Rahima's recipients are employed earning either minimum wage or close to it. Poverty line for a family of 4 in the United States is about $18,392** per year. Majority of the families who Rahima helps don't even make it to this poverty line.

Most people who ask for money are charlatans.

In it's almost 10 year existence Rahima Foundation has encountered only 1 or 2 people who Rahima felt took advantage of it.

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