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Our Immediate Needs
Due to the current economic down turn, the requests for financial assistance have been increasing monthly.  We need your generous donation of Zakat to keep up with these needs
In addition, we need your help for the following:

High School Scholarship Fund

Started in 2007, Rahima gave 10 scholarships ($250 ea) in 2011 to graduating high school students at San Jose Academy, chosen by the high school. The fund is called "Muslim Scholarship Fund", and we plan to expand to more high schools in the Bay Area. We expect to add additional high schools in subsequent years, with your help. This is a great way to interact and make a positive impression into the larger community. The students will be chosen by the schools, and may or my not be muslims. Donors can indicate their sponsorship of one or more students, or an entire high school. You can also donate in the name of a loved one. 

Adopt-a Shelter Program

We also started this program in 2007 with 2 shelters. We are now providing material support to 4 shelters-- 1 for men only, and 3 that house abused women who have left their homes and now need to provide for themselves and their children. This is another outreach program at Rahima to help the larger community around us. We plan to expand this program as well to additional shelters in the Bay Area, with your help. Each shelter requires ~$6000 per year to provide monthly food packages to the families. Donors can adopt one or more shelters, and can also do it in the name of a loved one insha Allah. 

Scholarships to students at Silicon Valley Academy

For over 5 years Rahima has been providing scholarships to children of deserving families, who are attending Silicon Valley Academy in Sunnyvale. We are currently spending ~ $3000 per month to pay for the tuition of 10 deserving students. Donors can take part in sponsoring some or all the needy students, and can also do this in the name of a loved one.

Homeless Soup Kitchen

In November 2011 Rahima Foundation initiated a Soup Kitchen project to feed dinner twice a month to about 200 homeless, in partnership with InnVision in downtown San Jose. The Halal and delicious Middle Eastern food is catered from Holy Land Restaurant and served by our volunteers. We hope to expand this program to at least four times a month as additional funding is made available to Rahima Foundation

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