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Time and expertise

Please contact us if you like to volunteer your time and expertise to help the local needy. We are always in need of the following skillsets to run our operations: web developers, IT support, finance and accounting, program managers, and warehouse volunteers.

Advocating Rahima

If you know of someone in need, please refer them to Rahima Foundation. Also, advocate Rahima Foundation among your friends, family, community, masjid, and place of work. We are the only community organization that is focused in helping the local needy, which is a priority according to the scholars.

Car Donations

You can donate a car that is in working order, and has passed inspection so it can be registered to a new owner. We complete the paperwork required by DMV to transfer the car to a person who is in need of a car. You can claim a tax deduction for your donation of fair value.



NOTE: Rahima does not accept clothes, furniture, or any other household item donations.

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