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We are pleased to say that our new website is now online. There are, of course, new articles to read - Acts of inspiration, Articles about what we do, and more - as well as links to our Photo Gallery, Corporate Programs, FAQ's, Event Manager, Volunteer Registration and time tracking, Blogging and Generating Volunteer certificates for the time they have spent.

You are invited to take a peek and let us know what you think.

What are we expecting to accomplish?

When defining the scope of the web project we wanted to accomplish two things

  1. Look, Feel & Maintainability - Refresh the current website to more clearly and concisely portray what Rahima Foundation is about and what it does, as well as have a dynamic platform that is easier to maintain and update in terms of content.
  2. Web-Platform for Activities and Community Events - We wanted a tool to help us in administration, execution, and management of our activities that we do, such as food distribution and tracking volunteer hours. Our new website is more than just a website, it is a web platform for us to schedule, organize and manage our activities and events. Our objective is to be more efficient and scalable. As an example, our new website will allow registered volunteers to sign-up for the food distribution events, as well as receive notifications and alerts for upcoming events.

We will greatly appreciate your feedback on our new website - What you like, What you don't like, What additional items/features you would like to see, etc.,

We have tested our website extensively but you may encounter some minor bugs. While we are still getting used to working with the new CMS, we are also making the transition from a print to a digital focus.

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